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We're excited to announce that Kaufers is now a division of Catholic Supply of St. Louis.® We have merged in order to better serve our customers with an increased level of products and services, while maintaining our staff that you already know and love. We invite you to browse our website, stop into either of our two retail stores, or give us a call today. 

Since 1904  |  Fun Fact

Not many businesses can boast a clientele that once included the first American saint, Mother Maria Francesca Xavier Cabrini (1850-1917). Not many businesses go back 100 years, as does The Kaufer Company, whose regular customers included Mother Cabrini during her years of ministry in Seattle. MORE ABOUT US

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Supplies for All Your Church Needs

Kaufer's Religious Supplies | Online Religious Goods Store

Find all of your church supplies at Kaufer's Religious Supplies - A Division of Catholic Supply®! We carry products ranging from clerical apparel, vestments, church furniture, processional crosses, tablernacles, monstrances, chalices, patens, crucifixes, artwork, candles, altar breads and wines, statuary, religious gifts for home and sacramental gift giving, books, bibles, stationary and so much more!

Today with locations in Spokane and Seattle, and a growing presence on the internet, Kaufer's maintains its family roots with a fourth generation of owners and managers. A 5th generation is already in training. Though originally a supplier of solely Catholic books and supplies, Kaufer's has expanded to include a wide variety gifts, religious art, and music among their products, and various Christian denominations among their customers.

Kaufer's staff offers a wealth of experience and information to serve you, your church, and your family.