New Items:
Cedar Glass Candle

Price: $14.95

Catholic Mass Quiet Book

Price: $39.95

King Cake Kit

Price: $5.99

Jesus of Nazareth Doll

Price: $37.95

Catholic Playing Cards stocking stuffer, stocking stuffers, christmas gift

Price: $12.99

Holy Water Bracelets

Price: $29.95

Trilogy of the Magi by Kathryn Muehlheausler

Price: $20.99

Advent Deluxe Gift Set

Price: $64.95

The World Waits

Price: $16.95

St. Lucy Socks

Price: $11.99-$15.99

USB CORD WITH LOW VOLTAGE ADAPTOR ?a popular add-on for many of the LED lighted nativity stables

Price: $14.00